Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tactical Media

My music video in my attempt at tactical media in order to encourage more people to swab and join the bone marrow and stem cell donor registry.  My project in particular relates to Patricia Aufderheide’s definition as something to “expand the ability to act of the public as the public—as people who have in common both their shared problems and the need for a shared solution.”  People of all races, ages, religions, economic class, gender, and sexuality have been affected by cancer and could be or know the next patient who needs a donor and can’t find one in their family.  Another insightful Patricia, Patricia Spyer describes tactical media as “crucially, like other media, they open a space for a range of situated readings and viewings; potentially they inspire a divergence of individual and collective actions.”  I hope that my video encourages people to think about donating in a different, more positive outlook and ultimately encourage them to join the registry.

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