Thursday, April 17, 2014

Melodrama in my Projects

I have seen very clearly this year the power of melodrama. Having learned about how and why melodrama is used, I have been very aware of the effects both of using melodrama, and of withholding it. My topic is sexual assault, one that is seen ad innately melodramatic in its clear villains and evident victims who have their innocence stolen. Others think that many cases of alleged sexual assaults are purposely, and wrongly made out to be overly melodramatic-- a reaction that I have shown as highly inimical to victims and society as a whole. I thus tried to limit the use of added melodramatic elements as I felt that presenting the facts in a strait forward manner would be powerful enough on its own to pursued my audience to see how serious the issue I am discussing is and how important it is to address it. I hoped to show how people were trying to downplay what is a truly, innately, melodramatic issue.

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