Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tactical Media Project

The concept of my tactical media project  is a spoof advertisement for meal plans, parodying how “great” and “affordable” they are. Though this approach is light-hearted and meant to be humorous, my media project will overall serve to highlight the flaws in campus dining system and inspire mobilization for change. My project thus aligns wells with Gregg Bordowitz's definition of tactical media, in which he states that tactical media is "thought as action" and is about "moving people to action". Moreover, Bordowitz claims that tactical media "has an ironic sense of humor and a sincere heart." My project, though ironic and funny, is rooted in the sincere belief that the dining options for students on college campuses are entirely too limiting. These limitations can negatively impact the physical and consequently mental well-being of students.

Sandra Braman's definition of tactical media is also well suited to my project. She defines tactical media "according to military usage in which tactics are short-term actions taken in pursuit of long-term strategies designed in accordance with the doctrine, or overarching principles." My project, though a small effort in the grand scheme of things, has the "long-term" agenda of spurring a need for college dining reform. College dining reform has a purpose ied to the "overarching principles" of freedom; primarily, the belief that first-year college students should have more freedom in regards to their dining options. Braman also mentions that "since 9/11, we are all driven to the most basic matters of democracy, privacy, and freedom."

Script (Work in progress)

Meal Plan Advocate: HEY YOU! Worried about missing your mom’s home cooked meals when you come to college? Well worry no more! We’ve got just the solution

Student: What is it?

Meal Plan Advocate: An unlimited meal plan! Unlimited access to dining hall food at any time of the day. What could be better?

Student: (Approaches “classics” dining station) Hi, can I get some thunder thighs with a double-heaping of love handles please?

Dining Hall Worker: Sure thing!

Student: (Gets food and turns to the camera with a wide, phony smile) Mmmmm! Delicious.

Meal Plan Advocate: And don’t forget about the variety of options you have!

Cut to Scene: Camera zooms in on the DUC at 4 PM on a weekday, when most of the stations are closed. Next, the camera zooms in on the cereal.

Student: Look, four different kinds of cereal!

Meal Plan Advocate: So much variety! And the food is always appetizing.

Cut to Scene: A student eating a very UNappetizing plate of food with the meal plan advocate behind him, implicitly forcing him to confirm this statement.

Student: (Nervously) Uhh, yeah. Mmm, so yummy! I love refried beans and brussel sprouts.

Meal Plan Advocate: And remember, the food is UNLIMITED! You can eat all the pizza you want and your parents can’t say a word against it. Heck, race your friends if ya want!

Cut to Scene: Students are racing each other to finish slices upon slices of pizza ensues. One student beats the other, but subsequently collapses out of feeling sick.

Meal Plan Advocate: Well what are you waiting for? Purchase your meal plan today! (Aside) Not like you have a choice. Oh shit, are we still rolling?

Voiceover, extremely fast and hurried: Only 5 installments of $999. Dining hall not always open. No guarantees that food will be served even when it is. Buy your meal plan today!

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