Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bit Strip

Shooting Script

Wide-angle shot of a college lounge area. 4 male friends are hanging out. Two of them throw a football.

I heard Jessica was pretty pissed at you Friday night. (Laughter)

Yeah, she was being ridiculous.

Damn, your girlfriend was in town for one night and you didn't even get laid? (Met by more laughter)

Close shot of Mike

Who said I didn't get laid?


Pan to Jason

Bro, I saw Jessica before I left, she wasn't having it.

Mid-Shot of Mike

 Yeah. And I had my man Jax pouring her drinks. He got a little heavy on the vodka and eventually things worked out. You know what I'm saying? She started feeling it a bit, and eventually she was feeling it a bit.

Wide shot as Mike makes lewd gestures and laughter erupts from all but one friend who has been silent. Close up shot of his face - concerned- knows its wrong but just won't quite speak up.

Screen goes black

V.O and Text
"Don't be a silent bystander- respond to sexual assault"
(accompanied by link to page)

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