Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Melodrama Media

I am filming a fake advertisement/admissions video for Emory University for my tactical media project - although I will be calling it Southern U. The point is to show that these admissions videos don't show the dark side to student's mental health and their struggles in with day to day stress. Aufderhiede says that a tactical media project is one that is "most interesting do so in order to expand the ability to act of the public as the public". This is my opportunity to represent the public and show that there is more to college than just what the admissions team and the administration says.  Greg Bordowitz says that a TMP  "has an ironic sense of humor and a sincere heart." That is definitely my goal. The video is a satire of college admissions advertisemen,t but the purpose is to bring awareness to something I care about.

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