Thursday, April 17, 2014

Knowledge of Melodrama in Relation to my Project.

Several elements of melodrama, that I didn't know about before this class have helped me to create a melodramatic website and video with regards to my issue - anxiety on college campus. The first is naming the enemy - which I have struggled with in my website. I relished the opportunity to name the enemy when I was writing pages for my website. But I forgot that sometimes naming the enemy so explicitly can backfire. So while I name the enemy "Midsize University Administration", it is masked. I spend most of my tactical media project to focus both on the gilded college advertisements and what the truth can be in real life. In this sense, I make fun of the advertisements, while also bringing awareness to the victim - which is an important element of melodrama.

There are also melodramatic elements to the website. I kept the website clean with a 60s, creepy typewriter font. I splash pictures of ambulances, dark skies and pills on the pages so they stand out against the white background.

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