Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's Tactical

My tactical media project does not address the main issue that I discuss in my hypertext. But as Bordowitz puts, it is not the dress but rather the earrings and the alluring smile of the woman, which attracts the attention of the men in the room. By having students and faculty members just state their SAT score to the camera, it draws the attention of the general public to the general topic of the SAT. It causes them to question if there is something wrong with a test that they also needed to take. The point of the video is to create a "shadow media," as Spyer puts it, against the assumption that the newly redesigned SAT is going to solve all the previous issues that have surrounded the test. The video goes against what typical national broadcasting shares about the SAT, because it focuses on individuals and their personal experience with the SAT, not just large scale numbers about regarding SAT scores.

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