Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tactical Media Project with Definitions

My tactical media project involves showing various shots of students holding up a whiteboard with #IneedCommonSenseActionbecause written at the top, and various opinions about the merit of the organization written at the bottom. This coincides with one definition of tactical media that reads:

"Tactical media to me means media projects that people do opportunistically—seizing temporarily available or unclaimed resources—to claim or reclaim some communicative channels or some expressive space, ..."

My project falls under this definition because it uses student's short attention span to latch on to the primary sentiments of Common Sense Action as an organization.

In addition there is a second definition that matches my work:

"In the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall the term 'tactical media' arose as a renaissance of media activism, blending old school political work, artists' engagement with new technologies. During the early nineties there was a growing awareness of gender issues, racism, post-colonial struggles and the possible role that art could play in society."

My project also draws attention to a new and emerging issue: Millennial issues and generational equality. By using production value and appealing music, using the technique of the viral video to get the central point across to the target demographic.

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