Monday, April 21, 2014

My shooting script

Tentative cast:
Girl 1: Hagar Mansour
Girl 2: Sheena Desai
Girl 3: Sabrina Madni
Girl 4: Feven Laine
Girl 5: Bahar Amalfard
Boy 1: Shujan Valiani
Boy 2: Kewyan Beh
Boy 3: Adnan Basrai
Boy 4: Ashraf Patel

[Screen starts black with some dramatic, emotional music, then it cuts to a very out of focus shot of a girl’s face]

Voices saying slurs start to overlap each other and simultaneously slide across the screen as the girl’s face comes more and more into focus

Voices will be saying (identities of the voices will remain anonymous):
1. You don’t belong here
2. Go back to where you came from
3. How many wives is your dad allowed to have?
4. Why do you let men oppress you with making you cover yourself?
5. Get out, You know that Chik fil A is a CHRISTIAN organization right?
6. If you don’t drink, why are you even here?
7. How many of your uncles and brothers are in Al Qaeda?
8. Sand nigger
9. Towel head
10. If I’m mean to you, is your dad going to blow me up?
11. What does your hair even look like under there? Do you ever wash it?
12. You’ve been randomly selected for a security screening
13. America hater
14. Jihadist
15. Allah is not God; he’s just a pimp to pedophiles
16.If you’re black, why are you Muslim? Muslims can’t be black
17. You cover yourself to pretend you’re innocent
18. Aren’t all Muslims from the Middle East?
19. Jew hater
20. Your religion is stuck in the dark ages
21. If you’re Muslim, why are you in a biblical studies class? Let me show you where the MESAS department is

[now the girl’s face will come into focus]

Girl 1: Greek Life isn’t for me, and that’s not because of the fact that I am Muslim.
Girl 2: The fact that I am Muslim does not mean I can’t be in a sorority.
Girl 3: Don’t use the excuse that you’re drunk to say something offensive to me at a frat party.
Girl 1: Don’t assume that I’m a good or bad girl, because I wear a headscarf.Get to know me.
Boy 1: I don’t have to drink to know how to have fun
Girl 4: Just because I value modesty,and respect myself doesn’t mean that you should respect me less.
Together: Don’t assume anything
Boy 2: Just because I look like this, it does not make me a terrorist.
Girl 5: I love America. That’s why I live here.
Girl 2: Just because I’m Muslim, doesn’t mean I hate people of other religions.
Boy 4: My family hates Al Qaeda as much as you do
Girl 3: My family grieved after 9/11 too.
Boy 2: I don’t mind getting randomly selected, because I know I’ve done nothing wrong
Together: Terrorism has no religion
Boy 3: Not all Muslims are from the Middle East
Boy 2: Not all people from the Middle East are Muslims
Together: My religion has no race
Girl 3: My dad has one wife and he loves her very much
Boy 4: I don’t think women are unequal to men
Together: I am not so different from you
Boy 2: I may be Muslim but, I am so much more than that
Girl 1: I am_______
Boy 1: I am ________
Girl 2: I am________
Girl 3: I am______
Boy 2: I am a person
Together: You can’t fit me in a box
Boy 3: I am_________
Girl 4: I am ________
Boy 4: I am_______
Girl 5: I am_________
Boy 2: But above all
Together: I am an American too.

[then there’s a title sequence that says: Don’t discriminate. Stop the Hate. Educate. with a link at the bottom leading to my website]

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