Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tactical Media Project and Definitions

   My tactical media project is going to follow a social experiment. It shall have a disclaimer that not all of the events expressed in the video do not claim to be absolute reality. I plan to publish a "secret" anonymously on the University's "secrets" Facebook page that expresses a true event that deals with discrimination and stereotyping of Muslim American students within the college subculture of Greek Life. I will then create a video diary following the development of the reactions online inter-spliced with the clips of students' reactions to the post. This follows along with Hallek's definition of tactical media in that it is meant to lead to greater democracy through acknowledgement of "tendencies toward repression...and alienation." Also, in holding with Spyer's definition, this piece is directly related to using the infrastructure of broadcasting with non-traditional messages in the production. It is meant to
"inspire the divergence of independent and collective actions."

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