Thursday, April 17, 2014

shooting script and storyboard

Below is the script of the first interview with my friend Coco. The other interviews will be in a form very similar to this. 

I stand in a corridor of my dorm and introduce that I'm going to fake a message and tell my Chinese friends that plastic bags are going to be free again in China. I'll ask them whether they will use their own shopping bags since the plastic-bag is no longer effective. Also, I expect some personal views on white pollution solution.
I then walk and go visit one of my friends in her dorm room. 
(The camera takes medium-long shot and the scenes include both me and Coco)
Me:Hi!Coco,how are you doing? Can I ask you something?
Coco:Yeah, sure. What is it?
Me:Do you know that plastic bags are free again in China?
Coco:Really? I didn't know about that.
Me: How do you feel about this?
Coco: Well,I don't understand why the ban is suddenly no longer effective. But I think I may still bring my own shopping bags. 
Me: Is it because you know plastic bags can cause serious pollution?
Coco: Yes. That may be one of the reasons. But I don't know about
my grandparents. They mostly use plastic bags to contain trash and
other stuff.They must be really happy to have free bags again.
Me: Yeah, it's not easy for them to change their habits.
Me: At least it's good to know that young people like you are conscious about harm of white pollution.
Coco: Thank you. White pollution is really "obnoxious".
I stand in the lounge and tell the camera that the first interview is over.

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