Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Welcome! and See You Next in Woodruff Library 215

Welcome to Foiled Again!, the course blog for English 212W, Melodrama in Culture and Politics. VERY IMPORTANT reminder: We've been moved to a very nice teaching lab on the main floor of Woodruff Library, room 215 (in the former ECIT space). We'll meet in that room for the rest of the term.

As I mentioned, you'll find the homework described in detail on the syllabus. After reading my article, just page through any Harry Potter novel and identify a few scenes that seem melodramatic to you, explaining why. Quote a few lines from one and then rewrite the scene in a non-melodramatic way.

Remember to publish your thoughts to the blog. At first we'll use this space like a bulletin board. Later it will become more of a dialogue. Finally it will be a place where you share links to your other digital projects in development. Again--great class yesterday! So pleased to meet all of you, and looking forward to an exciting term. Best, Marc

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