Thursday, January 23, 2014

Melodramfesto Part Deux

Marx's Communist Manifesto was able to appeal to the masses because it points out the villain, which is one of the melodramatic characteristics mentioned. Not only was the proletariat the villain, but the ideal of feudalism is portrayed as evil. Feudalism was the structure of society that oppressed those of the lower class that had to work or be peasants, which created misunderstood characters. It kept people within socioeconomic boundaries they could not break out of without money or inheritance. Marx was against the structure of society and wanted to revolt in order to bring out a new structure, but people only saw the revolt in his philosophy, another misunderstanding in the grand scheme of Communism. On paper Communism was a great idea, but the idea of fighting in order to bring about a new government was a dangerous idea. To overthrow the government would bring about anarchy and our original State of Nature even though Communism was the goal. His way of changing the social structure was melodramatic in itself because of its manner of defeating the social structure "villain."He named his enemy and his hero, Communism, and using melodramatic grammar convinced people it was the proper way of life.

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