Thursday, January 23, 2014

Group Virginia, Helen, Cody, Sam, and Katrina

    We chose two passages, one from each play. The passage chosen from The Poor of New York is in Act IV, Scene III, when Lucy and Mrs. Fairweather are both trying to commit suicide, and Badger is in an adjoining attic talking to himself. This scene seems especially melodramatic, because both female characters are lamenting their misfortune by sacrificing themselves for their families, and Badger is drinking himself into a stupor. The fast pace, and dual story line seemed appropriate to tell a melodramatic episode.
    The second passage chosen is from The People's Lawyer, Act II, Scene III. In this scene, Charles is being arrested for the crime he did not commit. It shows melodramatic elements through the surprised, and shocked tone of the dialogue, and the victimization of the protagonist, Charles Otis. It clearly shows the melodramatic ploy of the victim-hero.

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