Thursday, January 23, 2014

Group Joe, Aaron, Nick, Carlos

On pages 20-21 of The Poor of NY Bloodgood and Puffy enter into a melodramatic dialogue. The grammar between them is exaggerated. When Puffy is talking about rent it is described as "good as gold" which embellishes the idea the importance of rent. Another melodramatic element is Bloodgood's revelation of his opinion of Puffy. He describes him as "the worst kind of man" and as a "weak honest fool." His negative opinion is revealed after Puffy reveals the importance of rent. Puffy also takes the victimeized role in this dialogue by claiming the swindlers are, "the kindest, purest 2d floor as ever drew God's breath. I told them that this note was all right" as if if the responsibility was not on puffy.

   On page 11 of the People's Lawyer the grammar also has melodramatic elements with the characters calling each other "fools" and proclaiming themselves throughout. Mainly the grammar in which they speak is melodramatic, however, it is interesting that both of the characters have an evil view of each other. The tone in which they are speaking proves that they think that they are the victimized person in this dialogue. 

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