Thursday, January 23, 2014

Team Mr. F

(Sheena, Izzy, Ajay, Gideon, Chelsea)

The People's Lawyer, p. 9-12
This argument establishes Charles as the poor hero, standing by values of honesty, and Winslow as the dishonorable villain.  Winslow asks Charles to lie, suggesting that this will help him make money, and Charles refuses.  This excerpt demonstrates classic melodramatic dichotomy between good and bad guys, even associating dishonesty with money.

The Poor of New York, p. 42-44
This play introduces a unique melodramatic villain, one without personal wealth, but still conniving and statically bad.  Still, he is driven by material gain, after Mrs. F's wedding ring, which she is hoping to exchange for grocery money for her family.
The Poor of New York, p. 47-48
The Fairweathers are a sweet, poor family.  This excerpt captures Lucy begging a gentleman for money, and then encountering her family.  Each of the Fairweathers promises to take care of each other.It is important to note that Lucy is reunited with her family by chance. This passage stresses the importance of family and perseverance through adversity, demonstrated by the lower class. 

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