Monday, January 27, 2014

My Three Questions

1. In what ways does Disney's portrayal of the audience in "Mickey's Mellerdrammar" contribute to the video's melodramatic nature?

2. Applying information learned from the "Melodramas of Black and White" section of Chapter 1 in Playing the Race Card, explain why the proletariat's use of melodrama in the Communist Manifesto was so effective.

3. How do the relationships between the slaves and slave-owners in Uncle Tom's Cabin lacked some classic melodramatic qualities?


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  2. 1.The audience acts in an dramatic way, which indicates that they get involved in the show. They whistle or make other noises and clap their hands each time Mickey shows up and throw garbage on stage when the Cow actor enters. By acting exaggeratedly and emotionally, the audience express their emotions outwardly, showing their affection or hatred immediately . This is the unique interaction of audience and actors in melodrama shows.

  3. 2.One most obvious reason is that "melodrama focuses on victim-heroes and on recognizing their virtue." Workers are told that their private properties are mostly deprived by bourgeois. Communists further declare that their aim is to assist workers overthrow the "bourgeois supremacy", letting the working class to be the ruling class, playing the role of white hat here;Bourgeois, on the other hand, is the oppressing class and the black hat here.


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