Tuesday, September 2, 2014

the Cartoons and the Film Clips

First, from the cartoons Rocky and Bulwinkle and Dudley-Do-Right, what impressed is the heroes' exaggerated movements and voices. The heroes use unusual, even unpractical movements to express the story. They also speak in a loud manner, which seems odd in real life. However, these exaggeration make the cartoon attractive and easy to understand. In the same way, the silent film Vintage Women Tied to Railroad Tracks also uses exaggerated movements to impress the audience. Since this film does not have sound, the movements are more important. The large movements let the audience know what is going on easily and understand the story better. Also, exaggerated movements make people laugh and remember the cartoon and film for a longer time.

Second, the background music is very attractive and matches the flow of the story. Both for cartoons and for films, background music plays an important role in creating atmosphere and reinforcing the emotional impact. Often, when the heroes are angry or fighting, a piece of exciting music will appear while the heroes are happy, a piece of exciting music will show up. Admittedly, the background music for cartoons is more interesting while that for films is more serious. However, these music both have the same effect, which is attracting attention and creating the atmosphere.

Third, the key features and characters of the heroes are very obvious to know. Since cartoons and films are usually not long. They have to tell the story clearly, intensely and completely. As a result, the heroes are very typical and special. The audience can easily know what kind of person or animal he is. Know the hero's personality can led the auditions understand the story better and make the story make more sense.

Finally, the audience for cartoons and films are usually anyone, which means the story should be easy to understand. Not only children watch cartoons but also adults and not only adults watch movies but also children. There is no background requirement for the audience like if they have to be educated or if they know how to read words. Under this circumstance, the plot have to be obvious and clear so that people who watch the cartoon or the film should know what is going on in the film and the cartoon and why the heroes are doing those things. Clear plot plays the significant role in telling the story either through cartoons or through films.

For the plays, they share the same features with the cartoons and films mentioned above. Also, they have another thing in common: they are all very intense and have both smooth parts and exciting parts. No play is always dull from the beginning to the end. It is the ups and downs make the play attractive.

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