Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Three Questions

  1. When Williams writes about "Classical" Cinema vs. Melodrama, she suggests that they are distinguishable from each other. Previously, it was already expressed that Melodrama was always considered something lacking of taste. Nowadays, are there really any fictional movies that are free of melodramatic elements? If so, give an example. If not, what about nonfiction movies? If so, give an example.
  2. At the end of the third chapter, they say "We have seen that [white women became the victim-heof black lust and white men were empowered to accomplish their rescue] these two traditions are deeply implicated in one another," and go on to suggest that melodrama, especially melodrama on the topic of race, has taken elements from the past and built off of them. In what way have melodramas on the topic of race taken elements from past films like The Birth of a Nation?
  3. A big part of early melodramatic films was an over-exaggeration in image to make up for the loss of dialogue. In Mickey's Mellerdrammer, in what ways are the "make up" and costumes the "actors" wore stereotypical of the characters they represent?

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