Monday, September 15, 2014

Three Questions

1) In the first chapter of her book, Linda Williams identifies three characteristics of popular American film that indicates important ties to the melodramatic genre. Briefly recount each point she makes, then choose a recent popular film (1980-present) and explain how it fits Williams' criteria of melodramatic film. Provide a brief plot summary of the chosen movie, but focus on its melodramatic aspects first and foremost.

2) Expound upon Williams' distinction between "feminine" and "masculine" aspects of melodrama. What do you think she means by these differing categories of melodrama. Cite a few examples that may explain the reasons for this distinction.

3) To what extent does Walt Disney's short film involving Uncle Tom's Cabin not only embodies what makes the literature melodramatic but also identifies key characteristics of melodrama itself? Focus particularly on the public's role in the evolution of melodrama. Cite examples from Williams' text.

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