Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Poor of New York Passages

The Poor of New York

Meg, Jiny, Yuchen, Yin, Saher

First Scene

Second Scene

We selected these passages because we found them to be some of the most melodramatic in The Poor of New York. The first passage highlights how poor the Fairweathers are as a result of their late husband/father's death. Mrs. Fairweather begs for Badger to pawn her most prized possession, her wedding ring, in exchange for money and food to keep her children alive. We thought that this passage sincerely pointed out how desperate and poor the Fairweathers are, all as a result of Bloodgood's deed.

The second passage is the last scene of the entire play, and is arguably the most melodramatic in the play. Alida and her fathers' relationship comes to an end in this scene, and appears to be very exaggerated and one of the most pivotal scenes in the play as everyone abandons Bloodgood and he finally gets justice for his wrongdoings to the Fairweathers. We all found this to be a very important and theatrical scene and figured it would be the best to perform.

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