Monday, September 1, 2014

Cartoons and film clips

Both the cartoon “Dudley Do-Right” and the film clip “The Sheik’s Wife” depict women as strong and independent figures. In “Dudley Do-Right”, Nell refuses the proposal of Dudley and insists on loving his horse. Even after Dudley comes back from his mission and his horse is injured, Nell still does not change her mind. In “The Sheik’s Wife”, when the sheik makes an effort to kill the man who has seen the unveiled face of his wife, he was killed by his wife unexpectedly. Both these women do not depend on men. They both have courage and unique thoughts.
In contrast to the positive portrayals of women in these two videos, the men are depicted to be irresponsible and inconsiderate. In the cartoon, Dudley tries to avoid his responsibility to hunt down the smuggler by asking if Nell and Inspector Fenwick can go instead of him. When he fails the mission and needs to start from the beginning, he asks these questions again. In the film clip, as the sheik tries to kill the man who has seen his wife’s face, he cruelly kills many of the man’s fellow soldiers who are innocent. These men figures clearly do not have that much rationality and intelligence.
The “Rocky and Bullwinkle” cartoon resembles the film clip “The Admiral’s Message” in the way that the bad guys come to no good end. In the cartoon, the villains fall off the cliff eventually. In the film clip, captain Jack avoids the spies’ traps and successfully delivers the message to the admiral while the spies are finally caught. Both of these have “happy endings”.

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