Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wiki Assignments

okay guys, so this is pretty much what we discussed in class. We still need an idea for one more page, and I'll propose a couple here, but yeah just comment your thoughts if you want to change this/ who is going to take what page.

1- Sinclair's Writing/ Research Process KATRINA
--Melodramatic Elements--
2. Victim-Hero: Anker/Williams CODY
3. Justification of Violence: Manifesto et al CARLOS
4. Black and White, polarization: Uncle Tom/ Williams
5. Reaction to Modernity: Singer, Williams SHEENA
6. Secularization and Religious void: Singer, Williams, Marx SAM
7. Political Change caused by The Jungle VIRGINIA
8. Cultural Change caused by The Jungle AJAY
--Modern Equivalencies--
--Other Stuff--Sinclair's writing--
12. Sinclair's other texts AARON
13. The significance of the "edition" e.g. uncensored, extended, and what not HELEN
14. We have nothing for this right now but I suggest one of Izzy's ideas that we discuss how it's narrative/ novel format impacted its reception (slyly was muckraking) or we could look at Sinclair's critics, or we could compare his melodrama with other sensationalist journalism of the time. 

People who still need to be assigned to a page: Chelsea, Nick


  1. Can I do the "Secularization/religious void" instead?

  2. I can do writing and research process!

  3. Am I doing Justification of Violence with the CM? I just thought I was going to apply CM to The Jungle

    1. Yeah you do you man. I just thought you mentioned that it class.

  4. Could anyone get pictures to go on their pages?


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