Thursday, February 6, 2014

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Sheena Q# 3

I believe that the pathos and action in most award-winning films allow them to "aggressively grab and move spectators" which Tom Gunning encourages in film making. While comedies can still be great, entertaining movies, their lack of pathos and action often make it difficult to provoke meaningful reactions from audiences which is a key characteristic of an Oscar-winning film.

Virginia Q# 1

 I think that division and unity go hand in hand. When there is a divide amongst two groups, peoples' commonalities often serve as a uniting force. For example, the communist manifesto divided the society into two classes, the proletariat and buorgeosie, but it simultaneously unified all the proletariat. By using the simplifying melodramatic principles of labeling groups as either good or bad, the communist manifesto made the enemy easily identifiable.

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