Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2 Q's

Sheena: 1) Williams states that melodramas typically begin and seek to end in a "space of innocence". What role does home and the establishment of a "space of innocence" play in melodramas, and what are some examples of spaces of innocence in popular Disney films?
Williams describes this cyclical narrative arrangement as unique to melodrama, and defined with an idyllic image, iconically a home.  The Birth of a Nation begins and ends in the foyer of the Camerons' home, even showing moments of chaos in this exact space to further illuminate the melodramatic destruction of innocence.  Homes symbolize virtue because they represent family values.  Furthermore, it perhaps even provides a visual of balance through symmetry-- especially

Izzy: 3. What effect does the use of black face in Mickey's Mellerdrammer have on contemporary audiences as opposed to on the audiences of its time?

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