Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Scene 1:

(Sarah walks out of the barn to get on Lambo, Lambo sticks his head straight up in the air. Sarah stands there for a second, then turns right back around and walks back into the barn.)

Scene 2:

(Grem is in the crossties wearing a million layers.)
(Sarah brings Lambo in, takes bridle off and puts him in the crossties)

Natalie: Hey Sarah. Oh my God, it’s freezing.

Sarah: I know. How many layers do you have on Grem?

Natalie: uh, hold on. Um, 7 I think.

Natalie: (as I’m pulling grem’s blanket off) I hope he isn’t too cold.

(walk out of grooming rack and out of view of the camera- shot changes to gremlin’s stall)

Scene 3:

(Natalie goes to hang the blanket on the stall door. Can’t fold it right, so just stuffs it obnoxiously on the blanket rack).

Natalie: (looking in the stall) Oh no, their buckets are frozen again.

Scene 4:

(shot cuts to tack room where Sarah is rummaging through a drawer)

Sarah: The Banamine is frozen again.

Scene 5:

(shot cuts to grooming rack, Sarah and Natalie both walking back from opposite sides)

Sarah: Hey, do you mind holding him for a second?

(Natalie holding Lambo, Sarah pulls out a syringe).

Natalie: What are you giving him?

Sarah: Well, I’m worried he’s going to be crazy it’s so cold, so I was just going to give him a little Ace to take the edge off.

Natalie: Ohhhhh. What are you going to do when he’s fresh at a horse show?

Sarah: (stares blankly for a second) Give him more.

Natalie: You know, I totally get it, I’m tempted to do that sometimes, but I just don’t think that’s good horse training.

Sarah: I try not to do it every day, but I feel like he really needs it when he’s this fresh.

Natalie: But how is he ever going to learn to do his job that way? And how are you going to learn how to ride him when he’s fresh, you know? Those are training shortcuts that’ll catch up with you eventually. Not to mention it’s just not great horsemanship. And I know you always try to take good care of your horses.

Sarah: I do. But what should I do when he’s this wild? He acts like he’s unbroke sometimes! Last week I went to tighten my girth after I got on, and he spun so fast  that me and the saddle went flying!

Natalie: You can always get off and lunge him for ten minutes. I hate to do that too often, but if they’re unridable, it usually gets them quiet enough. I mean, worst case scenario, you have to get off and try again tomorrow. They’re horses. It happens. Especially with young ones.

Sarah: You’re right. Thanks for making me feel like a horrible person (sarcastically) Seriously though, do you want to go on a trail ride with me? So there’s two of us- in case Lambo sees a squirrel or something.

(We both get their bridles)

Natalie: Sure. We should probably warm up their bits.

(We breathe on their bits and rub them in our gloves to warm them up, then test them in our mouths- then go to put them on the horses)

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