Saturday, December 20, 2014


1. Response to Natalie's post
-I thought Natalie's interpretation of exclamation points in Sinclair's novel 'Oil!' was very insightful. She could have simply ended her analysis with the fact that use of exclamation marks symbolizes one of many satirical devices used in the novel, but she elaborated her analysis with a slight criticism that Bachelder took advantage of one of well-known tactics used by Sinclair. Moreover, I thought it was a creative idea to incorporate Bachelder's method into her project by using an image/fact that is well-known about horses to create a parody. I think it would help the audience easily connect with her project even if they are unfamiliar with the issue she is promoting.

2. Response to Joey's post
-I enjoyed reading Joey's perspective on how Sinclair tried to promote his socialist messages to modern figures such as Reagan and failed. It was a satirical device that I accidently missed, and reading over the specific passages written by Bachelder, I agree with Joey that there is a sense of desperation in his letters. I think these letters could also be representative of weakening political forces of liberals/socialists, and creates a stark contrast between how Sinclair's ideas were almost worshipped in 1934 (as seen by the poem 'Mount Rushmore'), and how they almost seem futile now.

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