Monday, November 24, 2014

Tactile Media Project

For my tactile media project, I would like to make a documentary consisting of numerous interviews. I want the first part of the documentary to be clips of random students around campus answering the question, “Is teenage pregnancy too controversial of a topic to be addressed in high school newspapers.” I want the answers to be either “yes” or “no.” After that, I want to have more personalized interviews of perhaps 5-7 journalism students, asking them about their journalism experiences, whether or not they experienced censorship, and ultimately what they feel about censorship. I will then ask them if they believe teenage pregnancy to be a “legitimate pedagogical concern,” and if so to explain why. Finally I would like to interview a teacher (probably you Marc) asking them what their thought is on this whole issue, and what he or she thinks about teenage pregnancy and the whole argument that is it a “legitimate pedagogical concern.” This is my idea as of right now, but it may adapt as I start actually writing a script.

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