Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Media Project

For my media project, I will start it with short interviews with two sons and fathers. First, I will interview the son (one at a time) if he find out that he like boys, would he tell his parents and how would he say. The second question will be if he knows he is gay, would he choose to go to a not famous college in relatively open minded city instead of a famous, popular and good college in relatively conservative areas. For the father (also one at a time), ask he how would he react when his son say that he is gay. And would the father agree that his son should go to a open minded college in order to avoid discrimination. After these individual interviews, I will let the son to see his father and tell him in person that he has found out that he might be homosexual. And record his father's reaction. Based on my research and experience, the father would probably act differently from what he said in the interview. And then, let the son ask that if he could got to the open minded college and reject the better college in conservative area and record the father's reaction.

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  1. Yin, make sure we talk about and refine this idea before you begin filming. As you currently express the idea, it raises human subjects ethics concerns. I'm sure we can refine this into something acceptable! But make sure we talk.


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