Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Script and Storyboard

Script (Interview Questions):

1. Has your mom ever made comments about your weigh, like you've gained weight or you lost a lot of weight? What does your mom say (can you imitate her in your best 'Korean-mom' voice)?

2. Does she suggest you do something about it? For example, if she says you've gained weight, does she follow up with something like, 'stop eating so much,' or 'exercise more'?

3. Does she take any action on your weight? Such as giving you less food, making you go run, etc?

4. How do you react to her comments? What do you do? Do you argue with her, ignore her, etc?

5. If you take your mom's comments seriously, do you do something to lose/gain weight?

I would interview several different people, and use each of their answers to create a cartoon script. I would have several different scenarios for each cartoon (depending on how mom's act and how their daughters react). And I would have one last slide, telling mothers to stop commenting on their daughters weight.

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